The word Ayurveda consists of the Sanskrit words ayus, which means “longevity,” and veda, which means “science”, and together they make up the “science of life.” Ayurveda’s core philosophy is centered around a deep understanding of the five great elements: earth, air, space, fire, and water. It’s crucial to achieve balance and order with these elements for greater physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and wellness.

According to Ayurveda, everyone possess three basic energies, called doshas, in their own unique proportions. The three doshas are: kapha (water and earth), vata (air and space) and pitta (fire and water). Ayurveda works by balancing these energies. Everyone has a prominent dosha, and when it becomes imbalanced, we develop symptoms and illnesses related to the dosha’s properties. Ayurveda uses personalized diet recommendations and traditional herbal formulas to balance the doshas and reestablish health and wellness.

Diabetes is a serious health issue, of course, and is one that is also addressed by Ayurveda. Ayurveda uses several herbs to promote healthy metabolic function by addressing blood sugar imbalances and other critical diabetes and metabolic health issues.

Some of these herbs used in Ayurveda that help with blood sugar levels include fenugreek seed, gymnema leaf, cassia bark, holy basil leaf, and jambolan seed.

More details about these beneficial herbs:

1 – Gymnema Leaf – In Hinduism, gymnema is called gurmar, which means “destroyer of sugar,” and research shows that this plant contains substances which decrease the absorption of sugar in the intestine.

2 – Cassia or Cinnamon – Recent research indicates that cinnamon may reduce fasting blood sugar levels.

3 – Fenugreek Seed – Several human intervention trials have indicated that fenugreek seeds affect metabolic health positively.

4 – Holy Basil Leaf – Holy basil is also used for a broad range of health conditions, including blood sugar imbalances

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