Success Stories

Psoriasis and Panchakarma

I was struggling with a very bad case of psoriasis that covered about 60% of my body. After the7 day Panchakarma treatment, I definitely saw that I was finally beginning to heal. Over the next couple months, I continued with the herbs, vegetarian diet and relaxation techniques. I am very happy to say that there is only about 10% of psoriasis left.

This was my first time doing panchakarma but I found it to be a mainly relaxing experience. The staff was really kind, professional and happy to answer my questions. I believe if you choose this treatment you should be very committed to it to make it work for you. The power of ayurveda is not just in a stand alone treatment but what you practice everyday. Dr. Jay and her staff teach you about the lifestyle changes that help you achieve balance and live a vibrant, healthy life. It’s an adjustment at first, but so worth it in the end. I’m writing today to recommend the panchakarma treatment protocol to anyone who is looking for a thorough healing and detoxification. Thanks, Dr. Jay!

– JC, Los Angeles


Dr. Jay and the staff at the Wellness center are wonderful. I did the Panchakarma to reduce my anxiety and improve my digestion. It was a very worthwhile week spent. The process is pretty easy and I didn't suffer from detox headaches or exhaustion as I have in the past with cleanses. Highly recommend!

Jacki Y. – San Carlos, CA

What a truly amazing experience I had with the PanchaKarma offered by Dr.Jay's clinic. It is so hard to describe the ultimate care and relaxation I had received for 6 days. Every member of the staff knew my name and my reasons for this treatment and I was given the best care from all of them. I would look forward to getting there by 10am and having my utmost care of massages, mediation, meals, and many other treatments and leave with a huge smile on my face. I had a very stressful 6months in my life and I was recommended by a good friend to visit Dr. Jay and her clinic. I had a couple of appointments to visit with Dr. Jay and when I sat with her, I just felt so comfortable right away while sitting with her, she took her time to assess me and get to really know me as a person not as a patient. Her focus was true and genuine. Dr. Jay suggested I do the PanchaKarma and so I booked for August. During the week I had to limit my food intake and do exactly what was required in order to get the best results from the treatment of the 6days and it was worth it. My husband and family were both happy to see how I was changing in positive ways. My face, body, spirit and most of all my mind was completely calm, serene and brighter after 6 days. Even after the week was over, I continued to be a little selective in what I was eating in order to keep the energy going in my system. I was also prescribed some herbs which I continue to take to this day. What I loved the most about this experience was the care and affection that I received as soon as I walked in. I was treated like an important person and given the right amount of privacy and care and that is more than I can say about any hospital. A clinic like this is rare in that every staff member truly takes genuine efforts to make you comfortable the moment you step in. I strongly recommend anyone to do this at least once a year for themselves whether there is stress or not in your life. It is truly an experience. Just do it. I know I will again.

Hersha L. – Menlo Park, CA

I recently underwent Panchakarma with Dr. Jay and her staff and have only good things to say about my experience. While I can't compare my treatments here with those in India I will say that I felt very well cared for and am glad that I made the choice to stay closer to home. Dr. Jay met with me individually each day to meditate and to answer all of my questions. She was very generous with her time and her wealth of knowledge. Mark and Shebadha, who administered the treatments were skilled, professional and kind; their 4 handed massages each day were sublime. I wasn't surprised when Shebhada mentioned that after doing 200 Panchakarmas she had stopped counting. I was surprised, however - and pleasantly so - that no one ever asked for a dime until the last day. And this is in America! I highly recommend Dr. Jay's.

judy o. – San Francisco, CA

Dr. Jay is warm, kind, attentive. She never rushes you, and is thorough in her approach. She offers practical advice and wisdom that you can use in your day-to-day hectic life. Most importantly of all, she has decades of experience and a great depth of knowledge. She was classically trained as a traditional Ayurvedic Physician in India, for which she put in years of study. Her training included Ayurvedic as well as "western" medicine. Dr. Jay's staff is caring and considerate. I had Panchakarma therapy done at the center, and Mark and Shubhada were amazing. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Panchakarma therapy, and the rejuvenating effects it has on the body. Her AyurFoods line of Ayurvedic meals are absolutely delicious. They are fast, and easy to make. Thank you Dr. Jay!!

Aparna D. – Oakland, CA

ANCIENT techniques work for modern lives I recommend that you read an excellent book called Ayurveda & Panchakarma, the Science of Healing and Rejuvenation, by Sunil Joshi, M.D., before undertaking such treatment. The book convinced me to try a 6day panchakarma program, which I received in May 2014 from Dr. Jay and her staff, including the very kind Dr. Chandrakala, Shubhada, and Vathsala. Dr. Jay took a pretty thorough initial evaluation and had a holistic, caring approach. The meditations she provided were soothing, especially the one about the little leaf and change. I thought that Dr. Jay's assessments and advice were sound, though some of the advice she gave was not in accordance with my personality and schedule. That's ok. You have to pick out what works and what doesn't. You should never just blindly believe everything that any practitioner or expert tells you; always let it process through your own body/mind wisdom filter first. I am no stranger to detox programs, so panchakarma was not too much of a strain on me. It was the gentlest detox I've ever been on, as you are still allowed to eat certain solid foods, and it's not a total shock to the system. The hardest part was the nausea and gastrointestinal upheaval (several hours later) after I took the herbal oil after the clinic treatments. But the staff adjusted the amount of herbal oil so I wouldn't feel so ill. They are nice people. The ladies who administered my daily treatment were experienced, gentle, and explained what was happening. I also asked a lot of questions and cried during Day 2-3 or so of my treatment. That's allright; emotional release is part of the healing. I was grateful for the nourishing kichadi the staff prepared for me each day after my treatments ended. A major discovery I made is that the internal and external oleation really work in gently loosening and removing toxins from the body. Never have I had such an easy and 'productive' colon cleanse as the one I had there, thanks to all the prep work (oil enemas included) of the panchakarma regimen, plus the care of Mercedes, the colon hydrotherapist at Internal Spa Rejuvenation Center, located right inside the same office building as Dr. Jay's clinic. The herbs recommended by Dr. Jay are top-notch. 2 months later, I am still taking them. Some have been modified over time. They are reasonably-priced for such high quality. But my stress is still high at times due to my demanding job, so the sleep formula does not give me good sleep anymore. Therefore, I have been getting acupuncture. The packaged grain foods by Dr. Jay, sold at her clinic, are surprisingly delicious. I ended up buying a whole bunch. My only wish is to exclude the chili flakes, as I'm sensitive to hot peppers. The clinic rooms are adequately-sized and comfortable. There is ample free parking in the clinic parking lot. The clinic is easy to find and pretty conveniently-located to those on the peninsula, north or south. The receptionists are friendly. You won't regret exploring pancharkma and ayurveda. Dr. Jay's clinic is a great choice!

Veronica V. – San Mateo, CA

Awesome results , I was having really bad indigestion problems resulting in bad heart burn that my doctor could never solve . I can't say it's completely solved but I feel better now than I ever did with my regular doctor , after a month, i feel for the first time in years that I'm on the road to full recovery .. thank you Dr Jay ..

Tim C. – San Jose, CA

Got stress? Well this is the place to go. Dr. Jay and her team really know how to take care of you. I've done the Panchakarma twice so far with this wellness center and it is really nice. I've been feeling a whole lot better lately, more energy, and a clearer mind. I've also been making some food changes as well. I'm eating healthier too. I no longer crave the junk foods I used to. Amazing. So, all in all, a lot of changes for me -- Dr. Jay's Wellness Center has been a big part of this. Highly recommend checking it out -- you won't regret it! She also has her own line of food that is really tasty (and, you know it's good for you too!) - I used to get mine at Whole Foods, but recently have seen her Khichadi (my favorite) on Amazon!

Dave V. – Los Altos, CA

I have been visiting Dr. Jay's wellness center for the last 4 months. My objective was general health improvement. She analyzed my Prakriti ( constitution ), Vikruti ( Current condition ) and prescribed life style changes, diet and herbs. After the 4 months, I am happy to say that I feel much better, both physically and mentally. I am also a big fan of her easy to prepare food Ayurfoods.

Srinivasa G. – San Ramon, CA

My wife ( a family practice MD ) and I wanted to prepare for starting a family. We believe that having a sound body and mind devoid of any stress is important before conception and also during pregnancy. For this reason my wife and I decided to undergo Panchakarma treatment at Dr. Apte's clinic. Our expectations were simple. The treatment should help us detoxify from the junk we had eaten all these years and rejuvenate us and it did exactly that. It has been a few weeks now since the treatment and we feel cleansed and rejuvenated. Having been healthy active individuals with no problems before the treatment, we only expected rejuvenation through this treatment which we found. We think panchakarma is a great option not just for the unwell but also for healthy people to cleanse their system and build up the immunity from a clean mind and body. For people with problems we are sure that Panchakarma will do wonders for the body and mind. We would certainly recommend Panchakarma and Ayurvedic treatment/s by Dr. Jay to others. Coming from my wife an allopathic physician who has experiences the full benefits of panchkarma, this says a lot. Both my wife and I liked the organized fashion in which the PK was conducted. Both Mark and Shubadha were systematic, professional and thorough. They answered any questions we had.The ambience was clean and pleasant, the music and the lighting soothing. The services provided were punctual and efficient. The food was good as well. Rama & Deepa

Deepa R. – Los Gatos, CA

My first experience with Panchakarma and I find that both dr ay and her staff are very competent, thoughtful and practice in understanding where I am on each day of te Panchakarma. Will post again once I finish the course

Param S. – Palo Alto, CA